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I don’t mind telling you this column was my idea (though I certainly didn’t invent the concept, it’s just fantasy football for best UK replica watches). I also don’t mind telling you the source of its inspiration, which is that as a recent ex-newbie I sometimes question just how much artistry goes into building a watch collection. I often look at well-respected collectors and think, “Ha, give me a pile of cash and I could put together a great collection, too!”

So, now I am kinda-sorta putting my money where my mouth is – assembling an imaginary watch collection with an imaginary $100,000.

And then, to make it more interesting, I’m going to have a real-life expert tell me if I am indeed the fine 1:1 fake watches collector I fancy myself to be – or if I’m just a philistine who’s down a theoretical 100k and has nothing but a pile of junk to show for it.

As for what I’d buy? Well, there’s a theme. Let’s see if the person who judges my collection – not to mention all of you readers – can figure it out.

Prices are approximate, rounded off, and don’t include tax because this is fantasy and in my fantasy world there’s no tax on cheap replica watches. Same deal with availability. For the sake of this exercise we are going to suspend disbelief about how hard it would be to find a certain reference and how actually you have to factor in the cost of inflation over the three years you’d be waiting for it blah blah blah. Let’s all live a little. It’s pretend.

Replica Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse Watches in Yellow Gold

Now, ideally, I would like to have the Swiss movements fake Patek Philippe reference 3605/2J Jumbo Golden Ellipse watches, circa 1978, with the gold bracelet, which is about $20,000. But I would be content with something a bit more modest, like ref. 3548J, which is manually wound as opposed to automatic and on a strap rather than the gold bracelet.

There’s so much to admire here. The blue of the dial, the “golden ratio” shape, the hidden lugs, the vibe that captures all the good parts of the 1970s and omits all the scuzz. The Golden Ellipse is a perfect object. It may be my all-time favorite luxury copy watches.

I’ve spent a lot of time pining for this specific high quality replica watches because it happens to be available in the Hodinkee Shop right now for $9,200, which seems like the best deal I’m going to find on a Patek. I keep thinking “Oh, I should just get it.”

Now, in this fantasy world, I finally have my chance to own one – and with apologies to my Shop colleagues I’m going to skip over the strap version and splash out for the one with the bracelet and the automatic movement, why the hell not.

Fake Rolex Day-Date ref. 118348 Watches with Green Dial and Diamond Bezel

I think it’s funny when people talk about 2023 replica watches designs being inspired by things. “My watch was inspired by the shape of a porthole” (yes, some people call this “a circle”). “My watch was inspired by the color of the sky” (let me guess, is it blue?). “My watch was inspired by a tank” (are you sure it wasn’t inspired by a picture frame or a cookie sheet?). The super clone watches online I’ve selected for my second fantasy purchase is clearly inspired by my unconscious desire to have a stranger rip it from my wrist as I enjoy a soda and a club sandwich at an outdoor cafe, but I’m getting it anyway.

When all is said and done, there may be no human experience as satisfying as looking down at one’s wrist and beholding AAA wholesale replica Rolex Day-Date watches. Also, I’d have to go gold bracelet on this one, I know that if I could get one on a strap I could save some money (and have a less conspicuous Rolex, and less of a chance of having someone relieve me of ownership) but the bling experience for me is diminished without it.

Speaking of bling, this green/gold/diamonds combination is a little gaudy, but I like gaudy, particularly when paired with such a classic model.

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