Buy New Omega Replica Globemaster Watches Online

Omega replica watches celebrate the release of the Globemaster in high style at Maxim’s in Paris.

replica_omega_globemaster_parisMore than 100 guests, including personalities of French cinema, VIP clients and members of the press, gathered in the magnificent rooms of Maxim’s, the most famous hotel in the capital to celebrate the launch of the World’s First Master Chronometer.

The release of the watch is a proud moment for OMEGA, as the Globemaster is the first timepiece to have emerged from the rigorous new standard of testing established by the independent Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS).

replica_omega_globemaster_paris-2The ‘global gentleman’ was the theme of the evening, with guests enjoying champagne, cocktails worthy of the finest private club, game tables, shoeshines and live jazz from an exceptional quintet led by pianist Mario Canonge and featuring the singer Annick Tangorra.

An fake Omega watchmaker was on hand to demonstrate the superb anti-magnetic properties of the Globemaster and guests were invited to explore a display of historical timepieces, which traced the evolution of the new technology.

replica_omega_globemaster_paris-3The launch of the World’s First Master Chronometer is just a beginning. OMEGA has fully embraced the strict new tests defined by METAS and will continue to produce cheap replica watches uk approved at the industry’s highest level.

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