Different Minute And Hour Hands Of UK Luxury Replica Watches

The hands are the necessary elements of the perfect fake watches. Here let’s have a look at two different timepieces with three different kinds of hands.

Mercedes hands

The Explorer is practical and it is with high cost-performance.

Rolex Explorer Copy With Oystersteel Case

The name of Mercedes is originated from the triangle star of the clock, which is similar to the symbol of the Mercedes Benz. Rolex never explains why it creates the symbol. The unique Mercedes hands of the Rolex copy watch with black dial make it much more recognizable.

Snowflake hands

Tudor sports a distinctive look of retro style.

Practical Tudor Imitation Watches

The snowflakes hands are what the famous Swiss watch brand exclusively owns especially their diving watches. According to the tradition, these are developed according to the requirements that France Navy. The snowflakes hands of this Tudor knockoff watch with steel case makes it easy for the divers to recognize.

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