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Today I will continue the hottest topic these days, the Russia World Cup 2018. To our surprise, The Germany team was defeated by South Korea, which was a big shock to the fans of Germany and many people cries after the game. Congratulations to South Korea but really hope that Germany can raise themselves up and adjust the mentality, continuing to create another splendid achievement in future. However, I will not talk about the Germany continuously while Cristiano Ronaldo is the leading role today, who must be the most outstanding football star in the games. Till now, he hasn’t achieved the awards of World Cup but he has already gained the Footballer of the year three times, Golden Ball Award five times, Golden Boot six times UEFA champion 5 times. Cristiano Ronaldo is absolutely an amazing man as a football player. Many one prefer to describing the regularity of him with Swiss copy watches, which has kept the precision for 20 years already.

The orange hands and hour markers ensure the readability of the watch.

Time Force Replica Watches With Black Dials

Cristiano Ronaldo has a close relationship with timepieces. He has registered his own brand CR7, referring to many fields including Men’s beauty, watches and sports accessories. He became the representative of Time Force which is from Spain in 2010. Time Force has launched a sport watch named after Cristiano Ronaldo. conveying the youthful, dynamic, modern and stylish characteristics, the model are popular in people who love sports, travel and pursuing new technology and fashion.

Cristiano Ronaldo has become the representative of TAG Heuer in 2014. Next year TAG Heuer launched the Formula 1 CR7 chronograph specially for him. 42mm TAG Heuer imitation watches are designed with the green concept, reminding the wearers of the football field that Cristiano Ronaldo ever galloped. The symbol CR7 is set at 3 o’clock to pay tribute to Cristiano Ronaldo, the excellent football player.

The watch makes Cristiano Ronaldo look more charming and gentle.

High-Quality Copy TAG Heuer

At the Golden Ball Award ceremony in 2017, he wore a diamonds paved TAG Heuer Tourbillon, attracting us with its charm and gentleness. He has ever worn limited edition Jacob&Co H24, on which there are 15.25 karat diamonds engraved. Actually this model was given by sponsor and Cristiano Ronaldo loved it very much.

For the renowned Rolex, Cristiano Ronaldo has ever worn it too. The model he worn was luxury Rolex Daytona knockoff with brilliant appearance, superb precision and prominent performance.

Cristiano Ronaldo likes to wear Rolex Daytona in private which is suitable for any occasion.

Cheap Rolex Daytona Replica Watches

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