Met Gala 2024: The UK Cheap Replica Watches For Sale That Best Nailed The Dress Code

Trust Lil Nas X to steal the show again. When it comes to the Met Gala, who’s wearing what fashion brand is still the centre of most people’s attention but more and more perfect replica watches are stealing the spotlight. It’s a telltale sign of the increasing importance of timepieces in popular culture.

This year’s Met Gala theme ‘Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion’ and dress code ‘Garden of Time’ were especially thrilling for watch enthusiasts. Why? Because it was crying out for vintage timepieces and 1:1 UK fake watches inspired in some way, shape or form by a passage of time.

Interpreting the brief correctly led some guests down unfamiliar rabbit holes as they went digging into archives, sporting high quality copy watches they had never been seen wearing before. We stayed glued to the screen, our eyes squinting on guests’ wrists to spot the most unique pieces — and we were not disappointed. Here’s who best stuck to the assignment.

Steven Yeun wears Replica Cartier Clash Watches

Major flex here. Steven Yeun suited up in floral Thom Browne suit and flashed Swiss made fake Cartier Clash [Un]limited watches in 18k yellow and purple gold. “The borders are erased between jewellery and watchmaking,” says Homer Narvaez, watch designer and co-founder of the Tokyo Watch Club. This model is all about the touch: “The beads are rotating, the spikes are soft, it’s really something you can experience with more senses than just one.”

Alexander Skarsgard wears Fake Hublot Classic Fusion Racing Grey chronograph Watches

Alexander Skarsgard kept things timeless with a sharp Calvin Klein tuxedo and the AAA replica Hublot Classic Fusion Racing Grey Chronograph Titanium watches. “It’s a timepiece that effortlessly combines refined elegance with a robust design,” says Ho. “Its satin-finished and polished titanium case speaks to its sophisticated appeal, while the bezel with six H-shaped screws, adds a touch of masculinity.”

Omar Apollo wears Cartier Crash 18k white gold Replica Watches

No notes. The singer songwriter wore Loewe and sported best replica Cartier Crash watches, complete with an 18k white gold bracelet and brilliant cut diamonds. Just like the Clash, “There is also the absence of gender, and Cartier have designed these with no preconceptions of the person wearing them,” says Narvaez. “They flow with the garment, and that’s what a good watch is. It shouldn’t be about the top super clone watches but the person wearing it!”

Troye Sivan wears Hublot Big Bang Original Steel Diamonds 38mm Fake Watches

Here, our money is on Troye Sivan thinking there is no ‘Garden of Time’ quite like Adam and Eve’s unspoilt garden of Eden – then putting his own non-religious spin on it by choosing to wear wholesale 2024 replica Hublot Big Bang watches. Perhaps the diamonds are represent the light and energy the book of Genesis suggests Earth exploded from? Or perhaps Sivan just felt this watch went best with his all Prada look.

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