UK New Replica Rado Ceramica, By German Industrial Designer Konstantin Grcic

After releasing this HyperChrome Ultra Light at Baseworld back in March, I think it is safe to say that cheap replica Rado watches is quietly doing some seriously cool stuff right now. The latest example hit our inboxes this morning: the brand has partnered with prolific industrial designer Konstantin Grcic to re-launch its iconic Ceramica watch line, originally introduced in 1990. Since then, the Ceramica’s profile has been the very definition of Rado and now it gets some new flavor from a highly-respected designer.

If you’re not familiar with the man or his work, Konstantine Grcic was born in Berlin in 1965 and is known for such designs as the Chair One series for Magis and, most recently, the Minx Collection for Driade. His designs are clean, durable, and comfortable, which is exactly why it makes perfect sense to have Grcic re-interpret the Ceramica.


German industrial designer Konstantine Grcic’s aesthetic fits perfectly with Rado’s.

The Ceramica is a modernist’s dream, with its clean lines and high-tech ceramic case and bracelet. All in all, there are four variations of the watch, but two really show off the new design at its best. These versions (the two targeted at men) use the same materials as the original, but with a distinctive matte finish (instead of the the high gloss version from the 1990s – seriously, these things were like tiny mirrors).

Both are only available replica Rado watches in black (duh) and measure 30mm x 41mm x 7.6mm. This is a definitely a substantial footprint, even if the watch is very thin. As you may have guessed by this point, the watch is powered by a quartz movement, an ETA E61.511 to be precise. Would it be way cooler if these has slim little automatic or manual movements in them? Of course. But that’s not really the audience here and I can’t see many customers for these caring. You’re buying Grcic’s sensibility and attention to detail here, not the mechanics.


The Signature model Ceramica.

One version has a simple 3-6-9 dial, with a broad white triangle at 12 o’clock and thin geometric grey hands with white luminous tips. There’s something very futuristic about the design, with the markings looking like they’re floating in the deep black rectangle of the dial. This version is a limited edition, called the “signature” model, with only 701 pieces being made (they’re marked “one out of 701” instead of being individually numbered).

The other is a more intricate design with additional functionality. There is a simple minutes track at the dial’s edge, with grey two-digit numbers at the hours (01 for one o’clock, for instance) and a grey sub-seconds register at six o’clock. The hands are a little more subtle, with less lume, and just bellow 12 o’clock there is a tiny tonal date window. It’s a bit hard to read, but it’s there for when you need it. This version is not limited. Luxury replica Rodo watches UK.


Looking at the side of the men’s models, you can really see the sculpted case and bracelet shape.

When you look at the watches head-on, they have a totemic quality, while from the side they reveal something different entirely. These are not sharp-edged, geometric watches at all. The case gently slopes toward the bracelet and tapers to the wrist at the sides, and each bracelet link has an asymmetrical profile as well. There’s actually something very organic about them that almost reminds me of a creation from Swiss surrealist H.R. Geiger (think Alien).


The women’s New Fake Rado Ceramica watches, which are less of a departure from the originals.

The other two are the women’s versions, available in black or white. They’re smaller, measuring 22.9mm x 31.7mm x 6.6mm thick, again powered by an ETA 282.001 quartz movement. Each has a color-matched dial, featuring small diamond indexes on the quarter hours and in both cases the ceramic has a lacquered, polished finish. They’re not quite as bright as some of the Ceramica of yesteryear, but they’ve still got some shine.

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