What’s the Best Replica Watch UK For Outdoor Adventure?

When you’re heading into the wilderness, you’re gonna want a luxury replica watch. That way you can time your morning hike so you return to camp before breakfast. Or use the GPS if you get lost. Or harness the sun’s rays to build a fire when you realize you forgot the matches.

The question is: Which super clone watch should you take?

Now, we have our share of outdoorsy staffers here at Hodinkee. James Stacey is a certified scuba diver, for instance, and Cole Pennington was raised by wolves. But to give our list some extra cred, we turned to our friends at Huckberry, the Austin brand responsible for some of America’s coziest sleeping bags, driest rain boots, sharpest pocket knives, ruggedest coolers, and most essential Coors Banquet corduroy hats.

Here’s what’s on nine Huckberry wrists. In the spirit of previous Hodinkee stories on the best replica watches UK for running (as chosen by Tracksmith) and cycling (as chosen by Rapha), these are Huckberry’s favorite watches for outdoorsing.

Chris Aung, Head of Footwear
My oldest possession, and one that has seen the most adventure in its lifetime, is a vintage 1:1 replica Omega Seamaster that was passed down to me from my grandfather. In the 1950s, he was posted as a diplomat for the newly democratic Burmese government in Washington, DC, and brought along his family, including my then elementary-school-aged father. Back then, international travel was by boat. They steamed from Rangoon to Ceylon, around the Horn of Africa to the Suez Canal, and onto the US eastern seaboard where my dad saw snow for the first time. Along the way, they stopped in Aden, a port in Yemen, where my grandfather picked up the watch that I would later wear to my college graduation and wedding, and plan to one day gift to my daughter. He would later have to smuggle it out of Burma when my family was exiled after a military coup. Whenever I put the Swiss made fake Omega on, it conjures that extraordinary journey he made nearly 70 years ago and reminds me how much I wish I had been able to meet him in person.

Danny Segal, Creative Director
My favorite adventure watch is a vintage Panerai Luminor replica for men UK that my dad “lent” me and has never left my personal collection. I love that I can go surf with it, wear high quality fake Panerai to any fancy event, and rock it casually as well. It’s way too big for my very dainty wrist, but I love it, nonetheless.

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